What is NMT Strategic Marketing?

NMT Strategic Marketing began in 2008 as a full service marketing & advertising management agency. We are a premier Marketing Company based out of Erie PA. NMT stands for New Media Technology, and the name was chosen to portray the intent of our company to focus on the social, mobile and web outlets. Strategic was placed in the name as we vowed to provide an educated, planned approach to our clients marketing and advertising. Often times, small businesses find themselves in a convoluted advertising/marketing plan that is scattered across multiple channels and ran by various account managers and sales reps. This becomes a ‘shoot from the hip’ scenario which makes it very tough to trace a ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment).

NMT provides a complete professional team of dedicated individuals who are focused on developing the right marketing plans, deploying & managing those plans and tracking the results in order to maintain the highest possible return. By allowing one team to manage all your online and offline efforts, you can be sure your message and branding is cohesive across every channel and the results are being monitored.

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