How Geo Targeting can help your business

Geo Targeting is the active response to geo location. As a business owner, you are able to send a tailored message to your customers, based on their location at any given moment in time. Combined with Geo Fencing this can be the ultimate welcoming tool. Businesses can establish a “boundary” around their premises, so that when customers are close by, they receive a tailored message specific for your brand. Geo targeting has jumped out as one of the go-to tools that helps you target a specific audience or demographic based on their location. If you’re looking to connect with potential customers in a specific location, it’s a must-have for your social marketing plan.

Using Geo Targeting on Social Media

On social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, posts and promoted ads you send out, can reach an audience by multiple different ways. You can set broad boundaries such as country, state, city or zip code, or even be more specific by using age, gender, interests or connections. If you’re a small business that’s looking to build a following, you want to be sure to target as specifically as possible.

Geo-targeting is a way for your business to:

  • Find the right customer base for you
  • Provide content to your desired audience
  • Generate leads in your targeted location

Having your voice heard across social can be a work in progress. Use a combination of Twitter and Facebook, and layer on some geo-targeting magic to cut through the noise, and find the conversations your content needs to be in. Let the team at NMT Marketing discuss your options and how this method can be beneficial to your business. By allowing NMT and our staff the control of planning and placing marketing throughout all channels, you can concentrate working on the business rather than the marketing.


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