What is New Media?

New Media can be described as (in our words) a combination of marketing and advertising channels which are not directly related to traditional channels such as TV or Radio. Social Media, Mobile Marketing and the Internet encompass areas of New Media. At NMT, we develop strategies in these focus areas to increase a company’s overall visibility as well as directly generate leads and new business. Wikipedia explains New Media here.

While even the true meaning of New Media can be confusing, so can navigating these channels. NMT develops and deploys strategies that focus on publishing content on your behalf which increases engagement and following.

Social Media has grown at a pace faster than the industrial revolution. Younger generations have grown up using social media, while older generations have embraced it as a catalyst for communication. Consumers of all types and demographics are using social media for work, pleasure and to find products or services. Popular social media websites like facebook, twitter and linkedin can be used to place your company and brand in front of eager to buy customers.

Mobile Marketing is another area that should be a focus point in any marketing plan. The use of mobile devices to access the internet has surpassed desktop computers. This means it is important to your website viewers (and more importantly, search engines) that you have a responsive, or mobile friendly website.

Native applications for the Apple and Android markets are growing in popularity as well as functionality. Apps can now control various things in people’s lives and provide a convenient access point to important information, like family whereabouts (social media), activity calendars, home electronics controls and even banking.

Mobile GEO targeted advertising and SMS (or text) marketing are also tools utilized by NMT. Our internal platforms have been built to cater to various industries and provide valuable retention strategies for continued, direct marketing efforts.

When it comes to web marketing, the list of specific areas to focus on seems endless. Digital Advertising has different methods, like PPC, CPM, Display ads and remarketing for example. Web advertising can also be targeted to specific areas, groups of people and even to certain devices being used to search the internet. NMT creates these campaigns / strategies and manages them on behalf of our clients. In addition, we provide optimization (SEO) which increases the visibility of our clients within search results pages (SERPs).

Local and Social optimization are also important areas to focus on as they influence rankings more and more. Making sure your online listings like Google, Bing places, Yahoo Local etc. are all complete and correct. Reputation monitoring for these areas is also something that has become a highly sought after service. With so many places people can rate nowadays, it is tough to monitor the ‘nonsense’ reviews and appropriately respond to the anything put out about your company. NMT can manage all these online efforts with a smile and bring clarity to the confusion.

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