Successful Keywords for your Business

Keywords, customers and your business. What do they have in common?  Well, it is good to first discover how each “building block” is important within the equation. Keywords. Having simple words or phrases to define what you want your company to stand for is one of the keys to help find it. Customers. What makes your niche the place to be? How are people able to know what your company and brand is all about? Business. What foundation do you have already and what do you need to change in order to build, start and continue retention?

When a potential customer wants to find a particular business across the internet, they type in words/keywords they personally associate with your brand. Are they always the right words? Unfortunately, no. However, it can be both sides of the spectrum. The company could have picked words/keywords, they feel associate well with their brand. With this disconnect, how do you solve a customer’s thinking, desires or search?

First, it is most important to go back to your company’s roots, your foundation. Try to remember why you built up your brand to begin with. What was your purpose and who did you want to impact? What is your brand all about?

Once you do that, get to the “feels.” What makes a customer come back over and over again? What sort of things do they look for when they come in or what do they ask or talk about? One step further, what do they associate your product or service with? What businesses lose sight of and tend to forget is, the customer owns the brand. As Greg Petro states in his article Investing In The Importance Of Branding, there are three needs, Rational, Emotional and Societal, that must be met in order to successfully brand your business.

Customers may not be important every step of the way for a business. However, they certainly dictate how well your business on the front end will succeed. Now, you have a foundation of building blocks to put together to help your business and branding grow.

Next, we have social media. It certainly makes the business advertising world go round. How well does it work between customers and your business?

Check out next time’s blog to find out.

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